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Vote Angela Ahn for Sunglass Hut’s Fashion Blogger!

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Wide Belts

I love these things. They make you look thinner. They tie everything together. They can act as sort of the modern corset; except they’re hipper, more comfortable, and you wear them on the outside.

Another thing I love about wide belts is that they cinch in all those loose, billowy tops and shapeless sweaters that make you look frumpy.

Here are two of my favorite belts. The first is Japanese-inspired obi belt. I’ve worn this so often that my co-worker informed me on a Thursday that I had already worn the belt earlier that week. Hmmm…perhaps he should pay more attention to his spreadsheets than my fashion attire.

My second belt is an AMAZING low-slung belt I picked up at a thrift store four years ago. It always brightens my day when I receive a compliment on it because I know it cost me the price of a churro.  In this scenario, I’ve paired it with a sweet romantic shirred top to give it a little edge. Jeggings and chocolate boots complete the ensemble.

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Metallic Accessories

Want to look stellar while saving a pretty penny? It’s easy, wear metallic accessories. I have one pair of gold earrings that I wear with everything; from work to play to formal. I match these with a gold bag, shoes, and sunglasses and this look has carried me for the past three years and through all seasons.

Gold Glasses

Metallic Accessories

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I used to associate scarf wearers with old ladies, flight attendants, and skinny emo boys that were well, trying a bit too hard. I thought what person really gets that cold they need to wear a piece of material around their neck? Wear a jacket for goodness sakes!

Well, I guess you could call me a reformed scarfist. I’m not crazy about them, but I do see some value in them. Namely, they add a bright shot of color, right where I need them. So what do I reach for? A bright, coral pink scarf. Not something I actually purchased. It was a gift. So being the resourceful person I am, I add this bright burst of color to my otherwise cloudy gray outfit.

And the real fun part is how I wear my scarf. Having never lived through an East Coast winter, I don’t know the fashionistically correct way of wearing a scarf. So, I created my own awesome technique.

Listen closely.

First, I tie it in a knot.

Then, I tie another knot.

Then, I tie another knot. Still with me? This creates a braid-like effect that no one else will be sportin’. See below. Brill!

Scarf #1

Finally, top it all off by slipping on a pair of glasses from the Sunglass Hut. This time, the sunglasses provide an air of mystery and intrigue that no other can match. The monochromatic outfit, the dark glasses, and that eye-catching scarf will have people wondering what starlet just slipped mysteriously into that cab. Guess they’ll never know.

Scarf and Glasses

Who IS that girl?

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Sexy Secretary

In the spirit of Halloween, I’ll teach you how to pull off the the sexy secretary look! This is a terrific way to add a little swerve to your life without trying too hard. To achieve this look, I first recommend a fitted button down shirt. The close cut of a fitted shirt adds to the femininity of the outfit without being brazen. Next, pair the shirt with a perfectly fitted pencil skirt. Vavoom. Finally, tie it all together with a wide fitted belt and matching high heels. R-r-rawr. Finally, add a quirky pair of black rimmed glasses from the Sunglass Hut, and twist your hair in an updo. The office won’t know what hit ‘em.


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Done and….Done

It’s 12:59AM and I just submitted my video application to Sunglass Hut’s Fabulous Fashion Blogger Contest and I’m ravenous. Why did I submit now instead of later? I was afraid the site might crash with an onslaught of contestants as the deadline quickly approached. I am so relieved it is finally done. Phew!!!

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